Resource Management Consultancy


The experts at Gold Eagle Consulting, Inc. provide an independent, unbiased and fresh look at your compliance, collection and recovery operation. Our expertise includes both the compliance and the operational sides to the business - whether internal collections, dialer usage and analytics, staffing, policies and procedures, compliance management systems, oversight, vendor management techniques and measurement, or selling. Gold Eagle Consulting offers independent reviews as well as mentoring programs. We can help you develop your compliance or oversight programs, or we can provide that independent "fresh set of eyes" to ensure your policies and procedures are comprehensive, up-to-date, and accomplish your goals. We can work with you to protect the consumer, protect the collection operation's results, and protect the company's bottom line. We can work with you to understand your risks, whether it is compliance risk, legal risk, financial risk, or missed revenue opportunity risk. We understand how to measure agency, attorney and other specialty vendor's efforts fairly, understanding the similarities and evaluating the differences, to assist you in maximizing results. We can assist in the development of your World Class Vendor and Specialty Vendor Management Programs, or your Compliance, Financial and Operational Oversight Programs. Our projects can be comprehensive in scope, or specific to any function or niche area related to compliance, collection and recovery operations.

Compliance Management Systems

Gold Eagle Consulting, Inc. understands the challenges facing collection, compliance and recovery managers in today’s environment, and has created a line of services and products that can be used to best address the needs and resources of each client. Our experts can assist in the development of a compliance management system, or provide an independent review of your system. Our clients often use our services as "another set of eyes" to verify their current programs are comprehensive, effective and compliant. Complaint management programs can be analyzed and evaluated. We can review your policies and procedures, your training programs, and your monitoring and corrective action programs. We can mentor you and your team as you develop the programs, or as you maintain and keep them up-to-date.

  • Review of Policies and Procedures, Training, Monitoring & Corrective Action Programs
  • Needs Assessment, Development and Analysis
  • Complaint Management Programs
  • Custom Development of Compliance Programs
  • Mentoring Programs

Third Party Oversight

Since 2012, Gold Eagle Consulting, Inc. has focused on auditing third party vendors for compliance to laws and regulations, contracts and work standards for our credit grantor clients. Our auditors are seasoned and experienced collection professionals - understanding compliance, laws and regulations, as well as the collection industry. Contract compliance, call monitoring, work effort assessments, financial stability and money handling all team up with strategies and techniques for compliance management and oversight of third party vendors. We understand the synergism of these areas as well as the development and strategic use of performance and compliance scorecards for oversight. We can assist by providing third party oversight tools and techniques, working with and/or mentoring your team, or acting as your independent resource for vendor oversight. With our historical background auditing a variety of industry niche areas, Gold Eagle Consulting offers unparalleled oversight expertise in the specialty vendor niche areas of bankruptcy, deceased, repossession, auction houses and litigation. We also offer a variety of audit types, including: compliance management audits, call monitoring audits, financial reviews, payment audits, work effort reviews and specialty vendors compliance and work effort reviews.

  • Contract Reviews - Compliance & Operations
  • Call Monitoring Programs
  • Due Diligence Assessments
  • Compliance & Operational Auditing Services
  • Financial Reviews & Money Handling
  • Performance & Compliance Scorecards
  • Strategies & Techniques
  • Specialty Vendors Evaluation & Auditing


Gold Eagle Consulting, Inc. is a unique networking organization strictly for creditors, providing collection and recovery professionals with the peer contact, resources and information they need to succeed in their jobs. At Gold Eagle Consulting, we understand that collection and recovery professionals need to make the most of their time. For that reason, we strive to give members the most vital information and resources they need to effectively and successfully maximize results while minimizing risk. Our membership includes many of the major creditors in the United States and Canada. Membership is limited to creditors only, primarily through member referrals.

Bounce-Back Incentives™

Gold Eagle Consulting Inc., assist creditors and keeping pace with today's dynamic recovery environment by offering specialize incentives to increase collection revenues. With Gold Eagle Consulting industry only Bounce-Back Incentives™ collection professionals and employees can aid the collection process significantly thereby increasing revenues and commissions. Implementation of these “debtor bounce-back incentives" is simple and seamless with any collection process and can be deployed within days with virtually no learning curve. The entire system is cloud-based and can be private labeled. Please consult with one of our incentive specialist for more details.


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our work process

  • Consultancy

    Gold Eagle Consulting has developed a methodology to achieve highly efficient and effective resource management critical for success in any service heavy industry.

  • Evaluation

    We critically evaluate the resource management function with a detailed understanding of methodical and pragmatic considerations.

  • Assessment

    Gold Eagle Consulting offers hands-on resource management solutions that help you choosing the right method and determine the merits and demerits of each method as compared to others.

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